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Richard Hauser What To Do In Los Angeles ISBN: 978-1-939534-22-4

What To Do In Los Angeles


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Are you visiting Los Angeles and would like to find out about sightseeing opportunities, Hollywood tours, the city’s best beaches and other popular things to do in Los Angeles and the Southern California area?

Whether you are planning to visit one of the many Los Angeles museums, explore the historic El Pueblo de Los Angeles near Union Station, go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, hike to the Hollywood sign or go off the beaten path and get to know one of many the ethnic neighborhoods – What To Do In Los Angeles is an up-to-date guide with plenty of attraction listings, images and sample itineraries that will give you lots of ideas for your upcoming trip and help you get to know the area the way only locals do.

It even includes video of numerous sightseeing opportunities so you know exactly what to expect before you get there and can plan accordingly.

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