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Valerie Davisson Shattered ISBN: 978-1-939534-23-1



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Meet Logan McKenna … fiercely loyal, and impossibly inquisitive.
In SHATTERED, the first book in the original mystery series and stunning fiction debut with which Valerie Davisson lets us crave for more, Logan McKenna loses her husband, her illusions, the company they built together, her music, and now, probably her job. But that won’t stop her from digging into a murder investigation that keeps Southern California’s tight-knit artist community on its toes and law enforcement cluelessly guessing. At loose ends, and running out of money after buying a fixer upper on the coast, she decides to help out her best friend from high school, Thomas, a Native American artist, and his wife Lisa at their booth at the Otter Arts Festival, in the idyllic coastal town of Jasper, where she and her police-officer brother Rick grew up. When one of the talented, young artists is found gruesomely murdered at the festival, Logan is faced with the reality that her best friend not only lied to her, but may be guilty of murder. It’s up to her to find out what really happened that night, before the murderer kills again. If you enjoy reading Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon, James Patterson’s Murder Club, J. A. Jance’s Joanna Brady or more general: mystery novel with a strong female character, you will quickly fall in love with Valerie Davisson’s Logan McKenna – guaranteed!

2 reviews for Shattered

Succotash Reviews

A good mystery is always good news …
and the hint of a good series is always better. This is book one in a mystery series with a main character, Logan McKenna, thrown into the world of investigation. I loved her picking up and through all the clues. And Logan’s own thoughts seemed to sum up why everyone is a suspect in a mystery, “Given enough provocation, anyone was capable of violence.”

The story begins with a slow building of the main character’s background to a highly addicting page turner. The scenery was detailed beautifully, and having lived in Orange County for a great many years, I loved every bit of her references to Southern California. It felt like I was back there. And I really liked Ben, her neighbor, and their relationship seemed genuine.

As you get into the story, it moves deftly between description and dialogue, and the back and forth play between characters was great. Logan has no formal crime investigation experience and I found myself thinking, yep, I’d probably do that, too. Her back story was tragic, but everything was believable. And when all things point to one conclusion, something engages Logan’s memory and a new path is forged. Great mystery read, and a good start to a mystery series.

Oh My Bookness

Good start to a intriguing series!
The best thing about the book is the excellent development of the lead character, Logan McKenna. As well as the wonderful scenery development and descriptions of the art shows. As the mystery develops you get a closer look at the smooth transitions and the flow between characters, it’s leading protagonist, always making you wonder what may happen next.

For a debut novel by Valerie Davisson, it was successful. A successful novel, a successful mystery novel, with successful characters and plot development. The first time outdoor is never perfect buts that’s where we learn from our mistakes, with some grammatical errors, it’s not enough to make you turn away from the book. For its well written and will keep you on enough to want to know what will happen next. To pick up the second book when it comes out. I look forward to seeing what the next has to offer and to see how this character, Logan, further develops and see what just may happen next…..

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