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Valerie Davisson Saturday Salon Bringing Community and Conversation Bach Into Our Lives ISBN: 978-0-983869-6-03

Saturday Salon

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A SATURDAY SALON is a fun way to create time and space for rich conversations, and a great way to connect with friends, colleagues, neighbors and family to talk about what’s really on our minds.
A unique and inspiring book, SATURDAY SALON entertains, educates and motivates the reader in every chapter with humor, research, personal stories and practical applications.

  • First, SATURDAY SALON is a guide to hosting your own Saturday Salon, providing as much or as little detail as the modern host needs, from making their first guest list to closing the door on the last satisfied guest.
  • Second, it s a tour through the history of conversation salons, from the Ancient Greeks and 18th century France, sweeping back and forth across continents, genders, and time zones, culminating in the well-muscled 21st century salons of today.
  • Finally, using humor, scientific data and personal stories, SATURDAY SALON shows how the flexible, democratic format can be adapted to any environment, featuring Singles, Artist, School, Business, Political and Family Salons.

There is no agenda, and the unique Talking Stick format and participant-selected topics are the keys to success no matter whom you gather together for refreshing conversation. So, why wait? Start the Conversation…Start a Saturday Salon!

5 reviews for Saturday Salon

Michelle Montclair

Clearly in today’s climate communication skills need improvement. What better way to hone these skills than getting together with friends, family, neighbors and new aquaintances over a beverage of your choice. Salons are the perfect vehicle. As I rush through my busy days and nights I find that many times I cannot remember most of what was said to me. My listening skills are in poor condition. Leave it to a new and exciting author to bring us a comfortable environment (our own living rooms) to improve these skulls

Ms. Davisson leads us through the history of “the Salon” and teaches us how to adapt the Salon to our lives. Such simple steps and so much fun! I hold my Salon during the daylight hours (some shouldn’t be driving at night. We are all retired ladies who enjoy talking, expressing our opinions and love being listened to! I thank you Ms. Davisson for writing and sharing such and enlightening book. And, thank you for dedicating your time and skills teaching our children.


We could use more of this …
The Saturday Salon is a place where people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and circumstances can come together to share their thoughts and experiences in a non-confrontational setting. The topics can range from the sublime (Is there a God?) to the mundane (Is there a proper way to load a dishwasher?), and any topic can generate a lively, thoughtful, and humorous discussion.
Valerie’s book begins with a description of the Saturday Salon and why it’s important, then lays out suggestions for planning and conducting a Salon for various groups. She moves on to the history of salons and ends with sections on favorite potluck meals. For those who have never attended a salon coming up with a topic for discussion can be daunting and Valerie ends here book with a large section of possible topics in several categories.
This book is writtent in a light, easy to read style and will serve as a clear, concise guide to anyone wishing to create a place for sharing.

Ron Flemming

Outstanding Concept!
In a world where many of us don’t even know our next door neighbor’s name, this book gave me the tools to connect with others in a truly meaningful way. I was amazed at how much I learned by simply sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions with a small group of people. Learning how much everyday people understand about our world and how much they have to offer is very encouraging and enlightening.

The book’s step-by-step instructions make it very easy to facilitate salons. I was amazed at how much I gained from so little effort. Everyone had a great time. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I predict these salons will become very popular, very quickly.


Excellent Book
BUY this book right now !! It is excellent. It inspires. It encourages communication and interaction with others. We live such isolated lives. This book helps and guides people in the dynamic of salons. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

Dennis A. Flemming

Great Book!
The concept of having a civilized conversation seems ancient, especially with this election year, but Valerie nails it in her blueprint. Am eagerly looking forward to trying it soon. Very well-done!

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