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Ramses and the Harem Conspiracy


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Follow the action packed adventures of a young Nubian woman who moved to the Egyptian capital to seek her fame and fortune as a physician. The brave doctor quickly gains renown as an archer and hunts with royal princes, sails on a voyage of espionage, fights pirates on land and the high-sea and accompanies the Egyptian army as a field-surgeon.  In recognition of her accomplishments, the pharaoh appoints Khefra a physician of the royal court where she soon detects whispers of discord between the Egyptian queens.

This fast paced, action packed and historically accurate story lets the readers dive into the exciting life of Doctor Khefra during one of ancient Egypt’s most turbulent periods.  Ramses III, last of the great pharaohs, fought successive waves of mysterious raiders known as the ‘Sea People’ and other foreign invaders desperate for food and land.  But in the end, a jealous queen’s intrigue led to a conspiracy that ended in murder.

Ramses and the Harem Conspiracy takes place in the eastern Mediterranean around 1,200 BC, thousands of years after writing, mathematics and architecture were invented.  The ancient world was connected with land and sea trade routes that transported products and ideas as far away as India. Then within a few brief decades, everything outside of Egypt suddenly disintegrated into chaos and anarchy as a Dark Age descended upon the ancient world.

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