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How to London …without going broke


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Rise over the city of London on the London Eye, find out how Queen Victoria grew up at Kensington Palace, now home to Prince William, Kate and the kids, get a taste of the eclectic London and go off the beaten path in Camden Town or see where Harry Potter boarded Hogwarts Express at King’s Cross Station’s famous Platform 9 ¾. Unlike a lot of modern travel guides, which easily overwhelm first time visitors when listing all things to do and see in London England, in How To London …without going broke Sheila Stone tells you what you really need to know about England’s capital. An accomplished tour guide, she points out the highlights of any trip to London and London attractions you simply can’t miss when planning your perfect vacation in Britain’s colorful metropolis on the river Thames. She even provides you with sample itineraries and London maps for self-guiding tours and helps you structure your days to get the most out of it. You’ll learn how to get around on the Tube, how to choose London hotels – all with your budget in mind. She even explains to you what and what not to pack.

This is a must read for everyone visiting London England for the first time.

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