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Health, Wellness & Longevity


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Steve Dimon believes that over 80% of all modern diseases are preventable, treatable, and beatable through proper diet, nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and lifestyle change. And he’s living proof of that.

On April 22, 2012 Steve Dimon suffered an Ischemic stroke. Paralyzed from head to toe on his left side, he spent nearly a month in two different hospitals and three months in outpatient stroke therapy.

Today at nearly 70 years old, to look at Steve you wouldn’t believe he had a stroke. He has literally turned back the clock and reversed all of his metabolic syndrome symptoms.

His doctors use two words to describe his stroke recovery: MIRACULOUS and AMAZING. Or, how Dr. George Shannon put it: He’s an example of how hard work and determination can help overcome, seemingly, impossible odds.

In his handbook Health, Wellness & Longevity, now Steve Dimon for the first time takes readers through the various occurrences, causes, and signs of stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and obesity, the top killers in the US, before providing you with a detailed plan for attaining optimal health. He also guides you through the American healthcare system and its complex tests, outlining exactly which ones have the potential to save your life.

Reaching far beyond the usual stroke treatment options and stroke recovery programs, Steve Dimon’s plan is based on his own experience transforming from a morbidly obese 63-year old to a healthy, young 68-year old with a 32″ inch waistline and 6.5% body fat.

But Steve Dimon doesn’t stop there. A strong believer that average isn’t good enough when it comes to your health, he has dug deep into the current scientific research to provide readers with a cutting edge solution for disease prevention and reversal, which includes:

– A formula for early recognition of stroke symptoms
– Innovative ways to reduce stress
– Easy to prepare recipes for weight loss
– Simple but effective work out routines that will get results
– The psychology behind a lifestyle change
– Immune system basics and supplement guides
And much more …

The first symptom of a heart attack or stroke can be death.

Don’t wait for a life threatening or near death experience like Steve Dimon did before taking command of your health. Take control of your health today so you can live a longer, more productive and ultimately happier life.

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