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German Food Recipes ISBN: 978-1-939534-03-3

German Food Recipes


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From the rustic dishes that are served in Bavaria’s famous beer gardens to the French inspired cuisine of Germany’s Southwest, where the author grew up, to the famous vineyards of the Rhine and Moselle region all the way to the chic restaurants in Berlin, this cookbook has the dishes that will leave you breathless in its authenticity and taste. You’ll find all time favorites like Sauerbraten und Schnitzel right next to more sophisticated and modern German dishes like Stuffed Bellpeppers.

Also included are all the in depth explanations you will ever need (including those secret ingredients that make each dish special). With simple step by step cooking instructions and videos on how to prepare the dishes you can’t go wrong.

So no matter if you are a professional or just want to impress friends and family with your “international” taste, you will have all the easy to follow recipes that let even inexperienced cooks explore the diverse, heavenly tastes of German cuisine.

Enjoy your meal or how they say in Germany: Guten Appetit!

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