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Author Websites

An author website is key when it comes to promoting your book. It conveys who you are and what your book is about. In other words: it develops your brand and is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts.

But it’s also where you connect with your readers. That’s why your website can’t only be geared towards the media. It’s must allow you to blog so you can interact with your fans, tell them about the research for your new book, how the writing process is coming along, what books you are currently reading or simply what’s on your mind.


Professional Author Sites

We use WordPress to build all of our author’s websites because they allow us to create simple and clean yet effective homepages, which are easy to use. No matter what your comfort level, whether you’re tech savvy or sorry to see the electronic typewriter go, we’ll give you the skills to keep your website current.

Our services include:

  • Development of custom web presence which captures the look and feel of your book (up to 5 pages)
  • Design of an author blog page, which can feature text, images & videos
  • Integration of your existing Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Management)
  • Ecommerce set up so you can sell your book on your site and / or link to Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc…
  • Free optional contact form
  • Free malware scanner
  • Introduction on how to blog on our site, how to edit, maintain and update your site