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Make A Difference

About 4 years ago we adopted a puppy, Rebelito. Little Rebel is a miniature Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eats-queen-tlee) and is more commonly known under the name Mexican Hairless. Our little Xolo barely weighted in at 11 pounds and was extremely scared. He wouldn’t leave our lap for the first week and would follow us around every step of the way.

Mexican Hairless

We had seen Xolos in Frida Kahlo’s paintings but didn’t know much about our little guy or the breed in general. When we took Rebelito to the local vet, he admitted he had never seen one either, only pictures. Not quite what you want your vet to say, is it?

We went online to do some research on “Rebelito’s ancestries” and were dazzled when we found that Xolos are one of the oldest breeds but were not recognized by the American Kennel until 2009 after they had almost went extinct.

It was also during this search that we came across the “Bald is Beautiful” rescue organization, which raises awareness for not only Xolos but all hairless dog breeds and caters to their often special needs. Needless to say, we have been supporting them ever since.

By the way, Rebelito has grown up to be a fun loving, ball catching and squirrel chasing not so little rebel with a larger than life personality! HAPPY END!

Write yours and join us in making a difference in the life a little hairless. It’s as easy as supporting the Bald is Beautiful charity with your purchases at amazon smile. It won’t cost you anything.