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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to take the confusion out of the publishing process and help you to become a successful indie author. Here are a couple of questions we have had before publishing our first book as well as a selection of the most common questions we receive from self publishing authors and writers we work with.

The publishing industry is becoming digital. An increasing number of readers are choosing eBooks over traditional books. Our goal is to help you reach as many readers as possible. That’s why we offer print as well as eBook publishing services to all of our authors.


Yes, since digital books need to be compatible with eReading devices they will never be a mirror image of the print book. Different eReaders allow users to personalize their reading experience. This means that users can choose different font sizes and styles. However, should you decide to publish your book in print as well as in the electronic format or if there’s already a printed version of your book available, we will strive to keep as much of the original formatting as possible.

Yes, since digital books need to be compatible with eReading devices they will never be a mirror image of the print book. Different eReaders allow users to personalize their reading experience. This means that users can choose different font sizes and styles. However, should you decide to publish your book in print as well as in the electronic format or if there’s already a printed version of your book available, we will strive to keep as much of the original formatting as possible.

That is correct. You can pdf the print version of your book and upload it on the internet. But a PDF is not an eBook and the pdf’ed version of your print book will most likely not be displayed correctly on an eReader. Common problems include the formatting as well as a missing navigational table of content as required by many eReaders. In fact, an eBook is a very different format than a print book and best compared to a mini website using coding to display content. When your book is formatted into an eBook, we therefore convert the original file type and we create an epub file with xhtml code. This then allows for the content to be recognized by the eReader and your book – now an eBook – to be accessible on all major eReading devices.

A true eBook has one of two file types: MOBI or EPUB. Essentially, the only difference between these is the accessibility. MOBI can only be read on the Amazon Kindle. EPUB is the “universal” file type that can be read on all other eReading devices. When your book is formatted into an eBook, we create both MOBI and EPUB.

A file is best formatted if it comes in its “purest” form. Therefore we prefer to receive your manuscript as a WORD document or a RICH TEXT file. Please don’t add page numbers or page headers as eBooks don’t include these features. If you plan on publishing your book in print, we will add the page numbers when developing your layout.

A PDF is a very different “creature” than a word document or rich text file and often very difficult to work with. To the naked eye, the text in a PDF may look just fine. However, the computer doesn’t always “think” this way. To the computer, a PDF is essentially one very large image and sometimes the text in that “image” appears very jumbled to the computer. Additional hand-formatting is required to ensure proper eBook conversion. Because of the extra time and attention pdf files require they are subject to approval as well as a possible prep fee. Please contact us for further information so we can discuss your specific needs.

We get started on your sample chapter right away and email it to you for approval within 3 business days. After your approval of the sample the completed eBook / print book is usually available within 1 week. If you purchase rush formatting, we will format your book within 3 business days.

We are rather quick when it comes to developing the layout for your print book. The same applies to turning your book into an eBook. We will usually email you the proof within one week. If you have a lot of graphics, video or audio which needs to be inserted, it might take an additional day or two. But we will let you know beforehand. If you are under a really tight deadline, you may want to consider taking advantage of our rush formatting. This is a service that we offer in which we format your eBook / print book in only 3 business days for an additional $29.

Your book will be immediately available at our company store upon publication. The time it will take to upload your book to other distribution forums varies greatly and is outside of our room of influence. Online book retailers can take anywhere from 48 hours to 10 business days to upload content. The Apple iBookstore can take up to 4 (!) weeks.

It can sometimes take up to one month for a book to appear in the iBookstore. If your book is still not available after that period of time, it is possible that Apple did not accept your content. Reasons that Apple may choose to deny content include typos, poor editing, poor formatting and subject matter. Please also note that apple only accepts books with an ISBN number.

The bad news is: Unless you live in Canada, ISBN numbers need to be purchased, and they are quite expensive. In the US Bowker has a monopoly for this service. They charge individual authors $125 for an ISBN number, which will be delivered to you in about two weeks unless you pay extra for rush delivery. The good news is: We can provide you with an ISBN. We purchase them in bulk so they are cheaper. How much do we charge? We charge only $29 for an ISBN number. Please note: Every single book must have its own ISBN. For example: If you want to publish a book in different languages or publish a book as part of a series, then every single book will require a separate ISBN.

Of course you can. You are the author and have the right to sell your book. The only thing to take into account is that you consider the book price law. We also want to point out that not all retailers work with independent authors. Complicated application processes are just as common as the requirement of a minimum number of published books.

Actually, you are in charge of deciding on how high your royalty is since you have the power to determine the sales price of your book. We will pay you 75% of the net sales price if sold through our Hauser Publishing Online store and 60% of the net sales price for all content sold through our distribution partners, affiliates and their network licensees. Once you publish your fourth book with us, the percentage will go up to 75% because we are looking to build long term relationships with all of our authors.

The author royalty will be calculated and paid on a quarterly basis as long as it exceeds the amount of $25. When your royalty is less than $25, it will remain at your Hauser Publishing account until the following quarter, where it will be added up with the new royalties as explained in the Hauser Publishing Author Agreement.

eBook sales and royalties can be tracked just like the sales of print books. You will receive a royalty report and payment on a quarterly basis as described in our Hauser Publishing Agreement.

Your eBook is protected by the same laws that protect printed book. As for DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is concerned, this is a protection we apply to every ebook published through Hauser Publishing to prevent unlawful sharing / copying.

We assist our authors in multiple ways when it comes to promoting their books as this is a very important part of the publishing process. Our services reach from the design of author websites / blogs to the assistance with press releases to full-fledged multi media campaigns where we provide you with professional Facebook pages, amazon author pages etc….
For tips and tricks on how to market your book check our newsletter and our blog posts. If you feel overwhelmed, have one of our marketing specialists assist you in the development of a promotional campaign. Don’t simply disregard the marketing aspect. Self-promotion is an integral part of the publishing process if it’s your goal to reach readers other than your immediate friends and family.

After your book has been submitted to book retailers and online bookstores, we can not make any changes as this requires to reconvert and resubmit your book. This is a very time consuming process. That’s why we kindly ask you to check for spelling and grammar before submitting your book to us. In other words: You want to submit a finished script. After we have completed the layout and the cover art for your book and it has been uploaded successfully, we will have to charge ($50) for changes.

We love to work with videos in our own books and also offer optimization of audio and video clips for the Apple iPad / iPhone to all of our authors. In addition we can assist you in creating interactive PDFs for eReaders as you may have seen them featured in our store. Please contact us for a custom quote.

“ISBN” stands for “International Standard Book Number.” It is a unique, 13-digit number (10 digits when assigned before 2007) that identifies your title, like a “Social Security Number for your book”. The number allows for a more efficient mode of marketing and purchasing for retailers, libraries, universities, distributors and individual consumers. In other words: ISBN numbers help our partners identify your book / eBook in the marketplace and report sales accordingly. The numbers are not mandatory with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and many other eBook retailers but required if you want to offer your book in the iBookstore. While ISBN numbers are free in many countries, that’s not the case in the US, where they have to be purchased at Bowker. We are buying them in bulk for our authors and offer them at a discounted rate of $25. If you purchase a single ISBN number at Bowker, it is $125. If you want to offer your book in the print and in the eBook format, please keep in mind that you will need two ISBN numbers. The same applies to foreign language versions of your book. Every language needs a separate number.

Of course you can. We will take care of the digital conversion of all your graphics including: photographs, artwork, illustrations, tables and charts for FREE as along as you don’t have more than 25 graphics! If you want to publish your book in print, keep in mind that the minimum print requirements for images are 300 dpi. If your images are lower quality, there’s a chance they will come out blurry.

Of course we do. Our design team can help you develop an eye-catching cover for your print and eBook and make it stand out for only $179.

Generally speaking, yes. If the image has a resolution quality of more than 300 dpi and you have the rights to use the image, we are able to use it.

Finding the perfect image for your cover is an important step but it’s only the first step. There is a lot more that goes into designing a cover – from choosing fonts and colors for headers to the lettering on the spine etc…. That’s what you pay for. Unless you submit a press ready PDF file and a jpg that complies with the amazon, barnes & noble, ibooks etc… requirement we still need to create a layout for you and therefore can’t provide a discount.

We will do our best to work with you and use the image of your choice. But please remember, all images for the front cover must be 300 dpi or greater or they will not render properly. We will do our best to “doctor” your favorite image in photoshop. But if that’s not possible, we will have to look for an alternative solution. We’re sure you don’t want a blurry image on your front cover!

Absolutely. For many books, especially business and reference, keeping the book cover design simple and clutter-free is a popular option. It can also be a powerful way to broadcast your message loud and clear.

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