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About Us and our LOVE of books

Company for Book Lovers

Dear colleagues,

there was a time when you either had to know a publisher or write hundreds of query letters to big publishing houses begging for a distribution deal for your book. With the success of eReaders like the iPad, the Kindle and the Nook that changed.

In 2012, for the first time, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other eBook retailers proudly announced that the sales of eBooks have surpassed the sales of regular books.

But eReaders haven’t only revolutionized the way people read, they give the power back to the authors. For the first time, indie writers are able to bypass traditional publishing houses and still become successful.

We started Hauser Publishing with the goal to help you do exactly that: become successful as a writer since this is how we started ourselves.

And the best thing? By distributing your book digitally and leveraging the power of the internet to promote it, you keep full control over the content!

We know that you have many choices when it comes to self publishing. But if you are looking for an author driven company that doesn’t charge large upfront fees, get in touch with us. We get a small percentage every single time you sell a book, encouraging us to help you build an audience and write the next bestseller.

Your fellow book lovers and partners for all your publishing needs,

Nicole & Enrique Almeida

5-Step System Make Your Dream of Publishing a Book a Reality with Our Proven 5-Step System

Set A Goal

When it comes to indie publishing the most important thing is that you need to have the end in mind. What is your ultimate goal when it comes to publishing a book? Do you want to achieve commercial success? Or perhaps you want to use your book to boost your business or supplement your career? Or maybe you just finally want to see your name in print? Take a second to think about your goals. Having a clear vision is crucial to your success as an author.

Contact Us For A Free Quote

Setting a goal before you start your publishing journey will not only help you stay focused throughout the process, it will also allow you to customize your publishing package according to your very specific needs. One of our publishing consultants will be happy to assist you in choosing a package that best suits your needs and provide you with a free personalized quote according to the specifics of your book.

Email Us Your Script

After deciding on the package that best suits your publishing needs, it’s time to submit your manuscript and all other materials for your book, for example: images, graphs, drawings, video materials etc…. We know how scary it can be to put your work out there for the world to see. That’s why our publishing consultant will help you every step of the way to put your best work forward and provide you with a check list for all the materials needed.

Approve Your Book

At Hauser Publishing YOU are in control. After our editors and our design team have completed their work on your book and it has successfully been converted into an electronic format that can be viewed on iPad, Kindle, Nook & Co, we will email you a copy for approval. Your publishing consultant will discuss with you any changes you would like to make. When the layout of your book is complete and you are comfortable with how everything looks, you will approve your cover and interior galley.

Set Sales Price And Begin Earning

Now it’s time to set the sales price for your book. Your selection will be noted in the author’s agreement. This is the final step in the publishing process. Once you have returned the author’s agreement to us, your book is ready to go viral.

What Others Say About Us Testimonials

Hauser Pub Author Valerie Davisson

They helped my novel, SHATTERED, reach #1 in its category on Amazon within a week of its release. This publishing house may be small, but they get big results!

Valerie Davisson


This is the best home I could have ever imagined for my travel book series. So far I have published 16 books with them and I don’t plan on stopping there.

Richard Hauser

Hauser Pub Author Carey Harris

Working with Hauser Publishing has been a great experience all around! They go out of their way to open doors for you and given me the opportunity to share my imagination with the world.

Carey Harris

Hauser Pub Author Amanda Lynne

So glad I published my ebook with Hauser Publishing.  They were professional, encouraging and a lot of fun to work with… what an awesome team! I had an absolute blast publishing my book with them.

Amanda Lynne