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"If there's a book your really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must WRITE it." - Toni Morrison

Author of the Month

Doug Mears

Douglas Mears Fiction Author

Douglas Mears is from southern California. He became hooked on archaeology in fifth grade after reading Gods, Graves and Scholars from the Book of the Month Club and hasn’t looked back since.

Before earning his degree in history and business, Douglas Mears travelled the world as an Air Force brat. Doug was an army paratrooper and an avid scuba diver. Calling Orange County home, he road raced motorcycles on the west coast’s fastest tracks and surfed some of SoCal’s most famous beaches.

An accomplished scholar penning numerous articles about Sumer and Babylonia for history-magazines worldwide, he recently remembered his boyhood fascination with ancient Egypt and decided to write an exciting ‘you are there’ story about one of history’s most turbulent periods.

Ramses and the Harem Conspiracy is Douglas Mears fiction debut.