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"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must WRITE it." - Toni Morrison

Author of the Month


Sheila Stone Travel Writer

Sheila Stone has had a GREAT midlife crisis…!

…Since her 50th birthday she has…

  • Earned her BA at UCLA, going at the same time as her two sons (they didn’t live together and it’s a big campus!);
  • Went to grad school in Leeds, England living in the lovely market town of Skipton, North Yorkshire;
  • Participated in an archaeological dig at Bamburgh Castle in northern England; and had a great time – even though the box she sent ahead with her sleeping bag arrived just as she was leaving!
  • Lived in an Irish hostel for three months, in a room with seven other women … and one bathroom;
  • Volunteered at an English school in Spain, discovering a previously-unknown talent for squirting red wine into her mouth from a bota-bag;
  • Performed stand-up comedy at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival;
  • Spent a summer in Japan interviewing middle-aged women about their lives;
  • Wrote three books: Boomer Bloomer – A guide for women *still* on the wrong side of the glass ceiling; Unmarried With Children – the single parent’s guide to family fun; and How to London … without going broke.

Now … isn’t this the kind of person YOU’D want to get your travel advice from??!